Introducing the new Clockwise blog

Introducing the new Clockwise blog

Cathy Reisenwitz
Content, Clockwise
November 6, 2022

Exciting news! We’re going to be updating this blog a lot more often, posting twice per week. I wanted to take a second to let you in on what we’re going to be posting and why.

Introducing the new Clockwise blog
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First, let me introduce myself. My name is Cathy Reisenwitz and I started at Clockwise in September as our Head of Content.

I’ve been creating content for brands for the past 11 years, and I’m really excited to be joining Clockwise’s mission and team. You can get to know me better here and here. One reason I joined Clockwise is that the core business directly impacts topics I already care deeply about, including productivity, time management, efficiency, and work/life balance. At the end of the day, I want to read and write about things I care about. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do that here.

Below I want to talk about who I’m writing for, what I’ll be writing about, and how you can help. Here’s what I have in store for you, dear reader.

Who the Clockwise Blog is For

I want this blog to benefit workers who lead or attend a lot of meetings and need help with optimally managing their time. If you’re interested in optimizing or just learning more about managing your calendar, adapting to changing workplace norms and expectations, and staying on top of productivity best practices, this blog is for you.

What the Clockwise Blog Will Cover

As I wrote, broadly, the blog will cover productivity, time management, efficiency, and work/life balance. Specifically, it’ll address these topics through five categories of posts:

  • How we did it
  • How-to
  • Comparison posts
  • Future of work
  • Clockwise case studies

“How we did it” posts will teach our readers how to solve productivity, etc. problems by leveraging our experience as individuals and as a team.

“How-to” posts will teach our readers how to solve productivity, etc. problems using outside expertise and research.

“Comparison” posts will help our readers choose productivity, etc. solutions and tools by objectively reviewing and comparing what’s on the market.

“Future of work” posts will cover and take positions on how the workplace is changing for better and worse.

“Clockwise case studies” will share how businesses are using Clockwise to make time for what matters.

Going forward

Clockwise exists to help you make time for what matters. I appreciate the time you’ve spent reading this post, and any time you will spend reading future posts. I intend to try hard to be a good steward of that time.

Please subscribe to our newsletter! I want to be sure you never miss a post. In addition, I’d love for you to join the conversations I’ll be having on Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, if you have thoughts or suggestions on what we’re doing here, please email me at

About the author

Cathy Reisenwitz

Cathy Reisenwitz is the former Head of Content at Clockwise. She has covered business software for six years and has been published in Newsweek, Forbes, the Daily Beast, VICE Motherboard, Reason magazine, Talking Points Memo and other publications.

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