4 new features to help you tackle your to-do list!

Are you ready to tick more off of your to-do list? We’re rolling out four new features to help you complete your tasks faster.

  1. Focus Time editing
    Focus Time helps you protect your time for deep work and finding your flow. And now, we’ve enhanced it so that you can adjust the title and lengths of your Focus Time blocks. Whether you want two 2-hour blocks of Focus Time, one 4-hour block of Focus Time, or something else — Clockwise will support your custom edits.
  2. More Clockwise + Asana task scheduling options
    Only you know the level of concentration that a particular task requires. Some tasks are better left to dedicated Focus Time. Other tasks can be knocked out quickly without being in a flow state. That’s why we’re giving Asana and Clockwise integration users the power to schedule tasks — all within Asana — during or outside of a Focus Time block.
  3. Task hold suggestions
    When you create an event and don’t add any attendees, Clockwise will recognize that you’re putting a hold on your calendar. Two things will happen:
  4. Clockwise will auto-categorize the event as a task hold
  5. Clockwise will offer suggestions for where the task might fit into your calendar, whether that be during or outside of Focus Time
  6. Category picker in Google Calendar
    With our new category picker, you can view — and update! — the category for any meeting. That way, you can better organize your 1:1 meetings, team syncs, and more. And if you don’t want to assign a category or label to a particular meeting, just select “ignore event” to override the category picker.

If you’ve ever felt limited by scheduling apps before, then you’ll love this new lineup of features, designed to put greater flexibility (and above all, more time) back into your hands.

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