Introducing: Weekly calendar review emails (with gifs!)

Starting today, Clockwise will email users stats and insights about their calendars at the end of every week. We hope this email will help you better understand how you spend your time and make your next week even better.

You’ll see how your time changed over the course of the week, and what your upcoming week looks like. We’ll break down your percentage of:

  • Focus Time
  • Meetings
  • Fragmented Time

(If you’re wondering why we care about Focus Time and Fragmented Time, read this.)

Our handy personalized gif will show you how your calendar changed throughout the week:

Clockwise will also offer you suggestions on how to get more Focus Time and otherwise make better use of your time at work.

As a reminder, you can also get some of this info in the Team Analytics portion of the Clockwise Chrome Extension:

We’ve created a way for you to see how your week differs from last week, as well as how it changed throughout the week, and to predict how next week will look. It’s all part of helping you make time for what matters.

Think that’s all? Nope! BONUS FEATURE!

We also added a way to reschedule a meeting inside the meeting details:

Questions, comments, suggestions? Let us know!

We built a way to take our time back.

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