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I'm very impressed with @getclockwise. In a short amount of time it has become something many of us at Ada trust to manage our calendars.

David Hariri @davehariri

@femkesvs My team and I swear by @getclockwise — does a lot of re-arranging and shuffling of meetings for us to free up more time. https://t.co/u8wBHd5khK

Con Cirillo 🤖🇺🇸 @connorcirillo

@jaredjordan @lyle @burgessdryan @getclockwise Strong co-sign!!!! Clockwise is magic. The focus blocks gave me back my evenings and late nights

harold nyikal 🇰🇪🇺🇸🇧🇧 @haroldnyikal

@jaltma I love @getclockwise!! It has been a tremendous help to make my calendar more efficient by grouping meetings and helping to maximize Focus Time. My teammates and I have found it to be a super useful tool to use! Highly recommend checking it out!

Harshita Girase @harshitagirase

@SandeepPotdar @_sudeeps @johncutlefish Clockwise is straight up amazing. Its core feature is not the status change but that it (re-)arranges meetings to optimize for every attendees focus time (= uninterrupted working hours)

emin @eminLXND

@getclockwise has been a game-changer for me. If you have jam-packed schedule and still fall behind on important tasks, this app is for you. Keeping open slots for focused work is the key! #startup #Entrepreneurship #timemanagement #MondayMotivaton

Anshul Vikram Pandey @anshulbits

maker/manager schedule is hard as a pm, @getclockwise has really helped create blocks of creator time and has a really nice intra-company network effect. could be hugely impactful w/ large adoption

karl yang @chiefofstuffs

If your calendar is a horror show, without enough time to focus on design work, I highly recommend @getclockwise

Alasdair Cumming @Al_Cumming

Okay so huge shoutout to the makers of @getclockwise. It’s helping me manage my schedule and makes sure I have time to focus and get s**t done but also that I take a real lunch because I’m bad at that.

Stephon Parker 👨🏾‍💻 (He/Him) @sparkyarcster

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