Make time for what matters, automatically

Clockwise Autopilot optimizes your calendar to free up blocks of uninterrupted time, so you can focus on what matters.
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Find time for what matters

Autopilot optimizes your calendar to free up blocks of uninterrupted time, so you can finally make time for a research project, a strategic plan, or your next big idea.

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You're in control of how your meetings move

You tell Autopilot which meetings can be optimized and how much they can move, so meetings are always at the best time for you and your teammates.

How does Autopilot work?

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Connect your calendar

Install the Clockwise chrome extension and immediately, Clockwise will analyze your calendar to identify ways it can create more time for you to get your work done.
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Choose your flexible meetings

Clockwise will identify meetings that tend to be scheduled at disruptive times, like weekly 1:1's or team syncs. Tell Clockwise which meetings are flexible and can be optimized.
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Clockwise moves your meetings

Once a day, Clockwise will seamlessly move the meetings you marked as flexible to the least disruptive time for you and your team.
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You and your teammates get more Focus Time

As a result, you and other attendees on your meetings will have more uninterrupted time to move your most important projects forward.

Autopilot Frequently Asked Questions

What meetings will Autopilot move?

Autopilot only moves meetings that you tell Clockwise are ok to move. Currently, only internal meetings are eligible to be put on Autopilot.

How far in advance will Autopilot move my meetings?

Autopilot moves meetings up to 4pm the day before a meeting is scheduled. Autopilot will never move a meeting on the same day it occurs.

Will I be improving my calendar but potentially making my teammate's calendars worse?

No - Clockwise also considers the Focus Time of the other meeting attendees, even if they aren't Clockwise users.

How does Autopilot handle conference rooms?

You can tell Clockwise on a meeting by meeting basis if you prefer to stay in the same conference room or allow Autopilot to find a similar room.

Does Autopilot know that my teammate is in another time zone?

Yes - Autopilot can tell what time zone your teammates are in, and adjusts the meeting moves accordingly.

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