Introducing Clockwise AI:
A first-of-its-kind calendar experience powered by GPT
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Clockwise Features

One place to manage your day, even as things change

Learn about all the ways Clockwise helps you make time for what matters, automatically.

Tell Clockwise your ideal day, and let Clockwise automatically optimize your calendar for your specific needs.
How Clockwise works

Thousands of calculations, one perfect calendar

Every day, based on the preferences you set, Clockwise tests out millions of potential calendar arrangements across your company to determine what choices best balance time to meet, time for deep work, and whatever else you need.

The result is a schedule that reacts dynamically to changing calendars to ensure your work day works for you — seamlessly and automatically.

Clockwise is available for Google and Microsoft Calendar management
Step 1

Connect your calendar and set your preferences

Select meeting flexibility preferences using the Clockwise calendar scheduler
Step 2

Decide which meetings are flexible

Step 3

Let Clockwise optimize your day

You’re in control of how meetings move

Once daily optimization

Once a day, Clockwise will move the meetings you mark as flexible to the best time based on your preferences

Only flexible meetings

Clockwise will only ever reschedule meetings that you mark as flexible.

Never the same day

To help you plan your day, flexible meetings will never move on the same day they occur.

Calendar Management

Calendar customizations for the modern workforce. Automate your ideal day so work-life balance becomes reality.

flexible meeting scheduler

Flexible meetings

Clockwise automatically moves meetings you mark as flexible to the optimal time, creating Focus Time and resolving conflicts while also respecting your preferences.

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Flexible holds

Automatically hold time for important tasks, such as running an errand, and routines, like lunch or submitting expenses. Clockwise will automatically shift these events as your calendar evolves.

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lunch holds

Lunch holds

Preserve time for lunch every day by having Clockwise automatically sync a lunch hold to your calendar. These dynamic calendar events are updated in real-time as your calendar changes.

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Meeting & working hours

Communicate both working hours and preferred meeting hours. Clockwise will respect these preferences when optimizing your calendar and when making scheduling suggestions.

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Smart meeting breaks

Smart meeting breaks

Whether you need a few minutes to grab a coffee or just want a break to recharge, Clockwise will automatically create gaps of your chosen duration between long blocks of meetings.

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Focus Time preferences

Tell Clockwise how many hours of Focus Time you need in a week, and also whether you prefer to do deep work in the morning or afternoon.

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Slack status sync

Slack status sync

Seamlessly communicate your meeting and work status with your team via Slack. Automatically silence unwanted interruptions for deep focus.

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Recurring meeting icon

Personal calendar sync

Automatically (and privately) sync events from your personal Google Calendar to your work calendar, so you never miss a doctor’s appointment or an important delivery.

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Travel time

Clockwise can automatically recognize that a meeting has an external location, determine how far it is, and protect the right amount of transit time on your schedule.

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Color coding

See your week at a glance with automatic color-coding from Clockwise.

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Deep Work

Create and defend long blocks of uninterrupted time to focus on what matters.

Focus Time

Focus Time holds

Clockwise creates more Focus Time in your schedule by rearranging your existing meetings to open up long blocks of free time, perfect for deep work.

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Auto meeting decline


Harden important Focus Time blocks so that they are automatically protected from incoming meetings. Clockwise automatically declines any incoming meetings that overlap with these protected holds.

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Short Focus Time

Short Focus Time

Clockwise optimizes for 2+ hour blocks of Focus Time when possible, but will schedule 60-90 minute blocks when the week fills up but the work still has to happen.

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Lighten the scheduling load with automation and tooling that keep your preferences in mind.

Scheduling Links

Scheduling links

Easily schedule external meetings and share your availability instantly. Your scheduling links will offer availability based on your preferences and eliminate the back-and-forth of external scheduling.

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AI scheduling assistant

AI Scheduler Beta

Clockwise AI Scheduler makes scheduling as easy as having a conversation. Use AI Scheduler to manage bulk scheduling requests easily, create space in your week, find time with a group, and more.

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Company Culture

Establish sustainable meeting practices that empower your team to do their best work.

No meeting days

No-meeting day

Automatically create and protect a day without meetings for your team to focus on deep work.

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Auto Out of Office

Automatic OOO calendar

Automatically sync your team's out-of-office and work-from-home events to the team calendar, providing a single source of truth for team availability.

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Team productivity analytics

Team analytics

See how much Focus Time and meeting time your team has so you can better predict bandwidth and allocate resources.

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Meeting schedule and calendar export

Meeting & calendar data export

Export meeting granular calendar analytics to identify users who have high meeting load and low focus time, so that your organization can optimize everyone’s schedule.

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GDR compliant

GDPR Compliant

CCPA compliant security

CCPA Compliant

SOC 2 Type II compliant

SOC 2 Type II compliant

Data privacy & security

From compliance to redundancy, authentication to features — and everything in between — Clockwise puts security and privacy first in everything we do.

Let Clockwise take it from here

Our AI models run up to one million calendar permutations per team per dayto create the best possible schedule for everyone.