Clockwise for Customer-facing Teams

Never let a customer fall through the cracks

Clockwise finds time for meetings, prospecting, and prep work, so you don’t have to

Over 40,000 organizations have made time for what matters with Clockwise

Make meetings work, for everyone

Seamlessly share availability and book meetings with prospects, customers, and external vendors with Scheduling Links that surface the best times to meet based on your preferences
Get instant visibility into your team’s upcoming availability with an automatic out-of-office calendar
Ensure your team maintains healthy boundaries with features like Slack sync, meeting breaks, and lunch holds
And so much more…
Customer & Sales Team meeting scheduler
Block time for focus

Improve productivity team-wide, automatically

Mark meetings as flexible so Clockwise can minimize fragmented schedules and find the least disruptive time for everyone to meet.

Clockwise respects preferences to optimize everyone’s calendar, and automatically resolves conflicts as they arise for a schedule that dynamically shifts as priorities change.

Calendar & scheduling features for Sales and Customer-facing Teams

Scheduling links

Scheduling Links

Easily schedule external meetings and share your availability instantly. Your scheduling links will offer availability based on your preferences and eliminate the back-and-forth of external scheduling.

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flexible meeting scheduler

Flexible meetings

Clockwise automatically moves meetings you mark as flexible to the optimal time, creating Focus Time and resolving conflicts while also respecting your preferences.

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lunch holds

Lunch holds

Preserve time for lunch every day by having Clockwise automatically sync a lunch hold to your calendar. These dynamic calendar events are updated in real-time as your calendar changes.

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Smart meeting breaks

Smart meeting breaks

Whether you need a few minutes to grab a coffee or just want a break to recharge, Clockwise will automatically create gaps of your chosen duration between long blocks of meetings.

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AI scheduling assistant

AI Scheduler Alpha

Clockwise AI Scheduler makes scheduling as easy as having a conversation. Use AI Scheduler to manage bulk scheduling requests easily, create space in your week, find time with a group, and more.

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Slack status sync

Slack status sync

Seamlessly communicate your meeting and work status with your team via Slack. Automatically silence unwanted interruptions for deep focus.

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Our AI models run up to one million calendar permutations per team per dayto create the best possible schedule for everyone.