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Clockwise is a smart calendar assistant that frees up your time so you can focus on what matters.

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Focus Time™

Clockwise optimizes your calendar to free up blocks of uninterrupted time.

With Clockwise you can finally find time for what matters, whether it's a research project, a strategic plan, or your next big idea.


of Focus Time weekly for successful teams


increase in Focus Time for successful users

Why Focus Time matters

Make your calendar work for you.

Struggling to get things done during the work day?

Clockwise creates uninterrupted blocks of time to get things done and to focus on your most important projects.

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Focus on your work, not micro-managing your calendar

You can count on Clockwise to take care of the busywork, like resolving meeting conflicts, handling different time zones, and always saving time for lunch.

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Design your day around how you work best

Are you a morning meeting person or need to leave early to pick up the kids? Clockwise understands your preferences and helps carve out time for what's essential to you.

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Save time and coordinate across multiple schedules, seamlessly

Clockwise moves meetings to the least disruptive time for teams, maximizing everyone's productivity.

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How it works

Learn how the magic happens in four easy steps.

Connect your calendar

Install the Clockwise chrome extension and immediately, Clockwise will analyze your calendar to identify ways it can create more time for you to get your work done.

Choose your flexible meetings

Clockwise will identify meetings that tend to be scheduled at disruptive times, like weekly 1:1's or team syncs. Tell Clockwise which meetings are flexible and can be optimized.

Clockwise moves your meetings

Once a day, Clockwise will seamlessly move the meetings you marked as flexible to the least disruptive time for you and your team.

You get more Focus Time

As a result, you and other attendees on your meetings will have more uninterrupted time to move your most important projects forward.

Clockwise for Slack

Slack and Google Calendar, in sync

The Clockwise Slack app automatically updates your Slack status, turns on Do Not Disturb when you're in meetings or Focus Time, and prepares you for your day with a daily forecast.

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Top FAQs

Is Clockwise free to use?

Yes! Clockwise is entirely free. However, we do plan to charge for it in the future.

Can I use Clockwise by myself, or do my teammates need to join?

Clockwise works great for individual use, but becomes much more powerful when used as a team. The more members of your team that sign up, the more meetings Clockwise can optimize, the greater the impact in your day!

When will Clockwise be available for other calendars and web browsers?

We’re working on it! Join our waitlist for Office365 or follow us on Twitter at @getclockwise to get notified about the latest product updates.

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