Clockwise AI Scheduler

Meet your new scheduling assistant

The first conversational AI calendar experience that makes scheduling a breeze.


Over 40,000 organizations have made time for what matters with Clockwise

Conversational AI scheduling assistant

Schedule the impossible with AI

Finding time to meet with a busy or large group of people can be daunting. Clockwise AI Scheduler navigates complex schedules to rearrange meetings and quickly suggest the best time for everyone.

Find time where there is none

Last-minute meetings don’t have to be so disruptive. Clockwise AI Scheduler opens up time in your day by instantly moving meetings out of the way.

AI meeting scheduler
Conversational AI calendar assistant

Book, modify, or cancel multiple events at once

Clear an entire afternoon, reschedule meetings when you’re OOO, or block numerous 1:1s in a single request.

Review & approve changes

Preview your calendar, reschedule meetings, and block time for tasks, all without leaving the chat. Nothing will change on your calendar unless you confirm it.

AI calendar management with ability to review and approve changes

Get your idea day, every day

As your AI scheduling assistant, Clockwise uses your preferences – like when you want lunch and if you need meetings breaks on busy days – to propose the perfect schedule. See all the Clockwise features that enable you to make your ideal day a reality.

Experience the magic teamwide

Clockwise AI Scheduler gives your whole team a personal calendar assistant so everyone can delegate calendar management.

Team calendar assistant


What is Clockwise AI Scheduler?

Clockwise AI is a first-of-its-kind calendar experience, powered by GPT, that makes scheduling as easy as having a conversation.

As an AI calendar assistant helping you achieve your ideal day, Clockwise AI Scheduler honors your work preferences, and quickly and reliably handles the messy job of scheduling. So you can spend less time on complex calendar management and more time on whatever matters most.

How does Clockwise AI Scheduler work?

By coupling natural language processing with your existing Clockwise preferences, you can simply send scheduling requests directly to Clockwise via chat – in either the Clockwise web app or Slack. 

Clockwise AI Scheduler analyzes your request to understand exactly what you want to accomplish on your calendar, cross-references your preferences and those of anyone you’re meeting with, then magically serves up options that meet your needs.

How is Clockwise AI Scheduler different from other AI calendars?

Clockwise AI Scheduler is the first and only GPT-powered calendar experience that makes scheduling as easy as having a conversation. Using our knowledge of your organizational calendars and preferences, Clockwise is able to find the best time, every time. And our ability to manage meetings you deem flexibles makes it possible to smartly shuffle conflicting meetings so you don’t have to. 

By leveraging natural language processing, Clockwise AI cross-references scheduling requests with your calendar preferences (the ones Clockwise already knows, like when you prefer to have lunch and if you like meeting breaks on busy days) to propose scheduling changes that reflect what’s important to you.

Plus, Clockwise AI can access, optimize, and coordinate those preferences across an entire team and organization, so everyone has access to a personal AI calendar assistant.

How is my personal data kept safe while using Clockwise AI?

Clockwise takes the security & privacy of your data very seriously, and that hasn’t changed with the launch of Clockwise AI Scheduler. Any information used to power Clockwise AI Scheduler will be shared with our partners for the sole purpose of providing you with the Clockwise AI features. We do not allow Open AI or other 3rd parties to use your data for training their models. For more information about our security & data privacy practices, please visit our security page.