Focus Time

More Focus Time leads to increased productivity & better business results

Intentionally creating time to focus is the key to combatting the biggest problems with modern work — constant distraction & interruption.

Focus time

of productive time can be lost due to interruption & context-switching

11 min

is the avg amount of time an employee has between interruptions


of an avg employee’s time is spent on busywork outside their role

Meetings constantly get in the way, making deep work nearly impossible.

Clockwise makes finding Focus Time easy. It understands how we like to work and when we're most productive. It turns those preferences into schedules that help us do our best work every day.

Get more done during the work day

Clockwise creates more Focus Time in your schedule by rearranging your existing meetings to open up long blocks of free time, perfect for focused work.

Before and after focus time

Save time for your priorities, automatically

Tell Clockwise how much Focus Time you need each week, and we will automatically protect that time on your calendar.

Measure your progress

Get proactive alerts when you or your teammates have low Focus Time. Easily forecast your future bandwidth with Clockwise time analytics and weekly review emails.

Measure productivity time

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