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7 Taskade Alternatives for 2024 (Free & Paid Options)

7 Taskade Alternatives for 2024 (Free & Paid Options)

Alyssa Towns
September 27, 2023
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7 Taskade Alternatives for 2024 (Free & Paid Options)
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It’s no secret that one of the best ways to improve your time management is to have a solid grasp of your task management. As time management enthusiasts here at Clockwise, it’s no surprise that we’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest tools to help you boost your productivity, manage your workday effectively, and relish your feelings of accomplishment after crossing off your to-dos.

Everyone can benefit from leveraging a task management tool. These nifty tools provide a centralized hub for organizing your tasks, allow you to keep track of deadlines, offer collaborative features for enhanced teamwork, and ultimately contribute to your overall productivity and effectiveness. 

Taskade is one of many task management tools on the market, but many other great options are available on the market worth exploring. This post will cover seven Taskade alternatives to plan, organize, and track projects and tasks and improve team workflows. 

First, what is Taskade?

Taskade is an AI-powered, unified workspace where teams collaborate seamlessly across time zones and stay on top of personal and group tasks. With Taskade, teams can automate 700+ tasks, generate dynamic workflows, brainstorm with AI to spark creative ideas, visualize notes through hierarchies, and collaborate on projects and tasks in real-time.

Taskade offers free AI templates for capturing meeting notes, generating mind maps during brainstorming sessions, managing to-do lists, keeping track of personal task lists, and so much more. You can get Taskade on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Other noteworthy features include the ability to assign tasks, easy-to-use shareable project links, chat and messaging capabilities, and different project views (list, board, calendar, etc.) 

Regarding pricing, Personal options and Business options are available. As of January 2024, the Personal & Family plans range from free to $8/month for up to five users billed annually. Pricing for Business plans is more complicated, offering different pay structures dependent on team size. Click here for the full breakdown.

Taskade is an excellent option for task management, but there could be an even better fit for you and your team. Let’s dig into the best Taskade alternatives. 

Alternative 1: Notion

Meet Notion, a connected workspace that can house your wiki, docs, and projects in one place. Teams at Figma, Pixar, Amazon, Uber, Nike, and more run on Notion. 

What sets Notion apart in comparison to Taskade is its wiki functionality. Teams can store essential knowledge and documentation within Notion so it doesn’t get lost or buried in an individual’s Google Drive. Users can also manage projects from start to finish in Notion, taking advantage of different views, project deadlines, task statuses, assignees, dependencies, and so much more. It integrates with other well-loved tools like Jira, Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, Miro, and more to supercharge your workflows and keep information consistent across platforms. 

notion taskade alternative

Image source: Notion


  • Knowledge base/wiki capability helps teams preserve valuable information, boosting task management 
  • Easy-to-follow interface
  • Ability to capture all relevant project details, including tasks and subtasks, status, assignee, due date, dependencies, and progress 
  • Collaboration opportunities within documents (simply @ a coworker to tag them)
  • Notion AI can help analyze notes, draft summaries and next steps, and surface key takeaways


  • Despite having an easy-to-follow interface, there can be a steep learning curve when getting started with Notion
  • It takes some time to set up, which may hinder teamwork until it’s ready
  • The mobile app isn’t as great as the desktop app, according to some reviewers 

Pricing: Notion offers four pricing plans. There’s a free version, so you can try the tool and get a feel for its capabilities. As of January 2024, the three paid plans run as follows: 

  • Plus (for small groups) is $8/user/month billed annually 
  • Business (for companies using Notion to connect teams & tools) is $15/user/month billed annually 
  • Enterprise (for entire organizations) pricing is available upon request 

Alternative 2: Todoist

Todoist is a well-loved task management tool that lets users feel in control of their workday by providing a clear overview of tasks and their due dates. 

You can centralize all your work in one place, prioritize your workload, and delegate tasks to others as needed. Todoist provides productivity visualizations so you can see your big achievements over time for a much-needed boost. With Todist’s team workspaces, your tasks, files, and discussions will all live neatly organized in one place. Assign project tasks, share files, discuss details, provide progress updates, and use color-coded priority levels and labels to focus on the right work at the right time. 

todoist taskade alternative

Image source: Todoist


  • Its simple functionality reduces feelings of being overwhelmed so you can focus on crossing to-dos off your list
  • Intuitive and easy to pick up, so you can launch quickly 
  • Integrates with Gmail, Zapier, Slack, Toggl Track, Jira, Zendesk, and more


  • It’s not as robust as other task management software and may not offer enough functionality for teams with complex project needs
  • Users report that reminders aren’t available on the free plan 
  • This user shared that the free version is extremely limited in terms of features and functionality 

Pricing: Todoist offers three plans. As of January 2024, you can snag the Beginner plan for free, the Pro plan for $4/month billed annually, or a Business plan for $6/member/month billed annually. 

Alternative 3: Trello

Next up is Trello, the simple yet powerful productivity powerhouse for task management and team collaboration. 

Trello boards are similar to Kanban boards, breaking down projects and tasks in an easy-to-view way. Trello helps teams organize and offers boards, lists, and card views to see who is working on what. Teams can leverage Butler, a no-code automation that allows users to set triggers and actions to make workflows more efficient. With easy-to-use templates, power-ups (plugins), and integrations with other apps, Trello is the perfect all-in-one tool for centralizing project tracking, no matter what type of team you’re on. 

Say goodbye to your random sticky notes and handwritten to-do lists because Trello’s task management functionality allows you to assign tasks, manage deadlines, build advanced checklists, prioritize tasks with labels, and visualize work through different views.

trello taskade alternative

Image source: Trello


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop system for moving and rearranging tasks 
  • Easy to create and manage boards across teams and projects 
  • Cards are highly customizable, and users can add tons of information to them, including attachments, relevant details, comments to others, and more


  • The free tier doesn’t include some of the best features like advanced checklists, custom fields, or some of the views (calendar, timeline, maps)
  • Trello doesn’t always work great for complex project management needs 

Pricing: Trello offers a range of plans for teams of all sizes. A free plan perfect for individuals or small teams includes up to ten boards per workspace. As of January 2024, the Standard plan (for small teams) costs $5/user/month billed annually, and the Premium plan (for teams who want more views and security and data features) is $10/user/month billed annually. For Enterprise, pricing is available upon request.

Alternative 4: Asana

You may associate Asana with project management, and it’s a solid choice for managing cross-team work and collaboration. With Asana, teams can streamline project tracking, manage resourcing for projects, build automated workflows to speed up processes, monitor progress across teams, and align project work to organization-wide goals. Asana integrates with 200+ workplace tools, including Google Drive, Slack, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Clockwise, Outlook, Jira, and more.

Not only does Asana make tracking tasks across projects and teams easy, but it also includes My Tasks—a personalized view of every task assigned to you so you can visualize and organize all your to-dos in one place. 

asana taskade alternative

Image source: Asana


  • Asana is well-integrated, with over 200+ integrations with other apps available
  • Heavy emphasis on collaboration, so users can receive updates when others change or update tasks 
  • Ability to create Gantt charts for project progression
  • Can document the entire project in one place—space for documentation, daily progress, comments, and other relevant resources 


  • You may experience a steep learning curve if you want to get the most out of the tool and understand all the functionality 
  • Can’t access Asana without an internet connection 

Pricing: Asana offers a free version for managing tasks and personal to-dos. Paid plans start with Starter at $10.99/user/month billed annually, followed by the Advanced plan at $24.99/user/month billed annually. Enterprise pricing for large companies needing more security and flexibility is available upon request. 

Alternative 5: ClickUp

ClickUp is a robust task and project management software tool with many features, integrations, and automation for streamlining workflows and managing projects and associated tasks. Customize tasks, add assignees, set up and create recurring tasks so you never miss a beat, and organize tasks by priority level for easy sorting. Users can also create documents directly in ClickUp and add them to tasks, collaborate on team ideas with a whiteboard session, and automatically track time spent on tasks. ClickUp integrates with Slack, GitLab, HubSpot, Toggl Track, Google Drive, Outlook, Dropbox, and more. 

clickup taskade alternative

Image source: ClickUp 


  • Time tracking built into the system 
  • Flexible Gantt charts for easy collaboration and dependency tracking 
  • Fully customizable dashboards to monitor progress and insights 
  • Tons of flexibility overall in terms of structure and setup 


  • Laborious onboarding and setup 
  • The user interface is less user-friendly than some of the other tools mentioned in this piece
  • Some users report that overall, ClickUp can be too overwhelming to use

Pricing: ClickUp offers a Free Forever plan for those who want to try ClickUp for personal use. From there, paid plans start at $7/member/month, billed annually, with pricing for enterprise organizations available upon request. 

Alternative 6:’s work management product provides a solution to see ideas through execution. The tool emphasizes a three-part organization approach that begins with setting goals and objectives, defining the projects needed to achieve those goals, and creating tasks to visualize and manage day-to-day efforts. There are over 10+ views, real-time dashboards to drive better decision-making, pre-built automation to increase efficiencies, and no-code building blocks so anyone can create workflows. integrates with various communication, development, collaboration, marketing, and CRM tools and offers an open API. 

monday taskade alternative

Image source:


  • Free Forever plan for up to two seats (users) 
  • Goals, project, tasks organization system 
  • The visual dashboard is modern and intuitive 
  • Relatively easy to set up in a short amount of time 
  • Customizable and easy-to-use automation options save time 


  • This review indicated that customer support isn’t always the best
  • Users report some limitations in copying and pasting data 

Pricing: offers a Free plan for two users and three boards. Paid plans range from $9/seat/month billed annually to $19/seat/month billed annually. Enterprise pricing available upon request. 

Alternative 7: Airtable

Airtable is a next-gen database management tool that allows users to create and customize databases to store their information. It’s a cross between a typical spreadsheet and a database with more features and functionality. Airtable Workspaces contain Bases, the centralized hub for all the project information. Bases then include Tables, and you can have multiple Tables within one Base. So, if you’re tracking a large and complex project with a lot of information and moving parts, Airtable might be your perfect choice. 

You can switch between visualizations, including the classic spreadsheet, Kanban, calendar view, Gantt chart, and more. Airtable has some templates available and works with Zapier and Workato to integrate with other apps and automate some tasks. 

airtable taskade alternative

Image source: Airtable


  • As a flexible database tool, you can use it to store and house any sort of information 
  • Strong option if you prefer to work within spreadsheets 


  • Limited communication and collaboration features
  • It is not considered beginner-friendly due to some of the complexities of getting set up
  • Airtable is missing some direct integrations with a lot of tools and relies on Zapier instead

Pricing: Airtable offers a free plan for individuals or small teams with up to five editors. The Team plan runs $20/seat/month billed annually, and the Business plan runs $45/seat/month billed annually. Plans include maximum records, automation runs, and GB of attachments per base. Enterprise pricing is available upon request.

Time to get to work

Once you’ve picked the right task management tool, you must set aside time to complete your tasks. Clockwise can help optimize your team’s schedules to effectively balance work and collaboration time so you can mark your tasks “complete!” Clockwise brings team schedules together to find the best time to meet, preserves Focus Time for everyone, and can help minimize distractions while you work (check out our Asana integration!) 

About the author

Alyssa Towns

Alyssa Towns is a freelance writer for Clockwise based in Denver, CO. She works in communications and change management. She primarily writes productivity and career-adjacent content and has bylines in G2, The Everygirl, Insider, and other publications. When she isn't writing, Alyssa enjoys trying new restaurants with her husband, playing with her Bengal cats, adventuring outdoors, or reading a book from her TBR list.

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