Sync Zoom and Google Calendar the easy way

Sync Zoom and Google Calendar the easy way
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Syncing your calendar with Zoom means you can add a Zoom call to any meeting with one click. Here’s how to save time by easily syncing your calendar of choice with Zoom.


In our remote and hybrid world we’re constantly adding video calls to our meetings. The most popular option is Zoom. Between December 2019 and May 2020, their user base grew from about 10 million to more than 300 million as workers hunkered down for widespread work-from-home. 

That means many of us are adding Zoom calls to our meetings multiple times per week. And millions of us are looking for the link to join the Zoom meeting from the meeting details. 

Adding a Zoom meeting to your calendar invite means everyone can simply click the meeting details and then click one more time to join the meeting. No more searching through emails or signing into Zoom to get in.

Anything you do that often is worth automating. 

Luckily, anyone can add a call to any meeting with one click. You just need to sync Zoom and Google Calendar. This short guide will walk you through how to save time by syncing your calendar of choice with Zoom. 

How to quickly sync your calendar with Zoom

Whether you use Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or Apple Calendar, it’s simple to sync it with Zoom. Here’s how.

How to sync Zoom with Google Calendar

To sync Zoom with Google Calendar, you just need to install a free app. The Zoom for GSuite add-on allows you to easily schedule, join, and manage Zoom meetings from the mobile or desktop versions of your personal Gmail and Google Calendar.

GSuite/Google Workspace users can install the Zoom for GSuite add-on for all users or an allowed list of users

Note: If you’re using a personal Google Calendar account you can't install the add-on while signed into multiple Google accounts without causing problems. 

First, sign out of all other accounts. Then sign into the account you want to sync with Zoom. Next, head to the Google Workspace Marketplace, and search for Zoom. 

  • Click on “Zoom for Gmail”
  • Click Install
  • Click Continue
  • Accept the terms of service

Last, install the app. If you want to sync Zoom and Google Calendar for another personal account, sign out of the last one, sign into the new one, and repeat the process. 

The Zoom for Gmail add-on also makes it possible to schedule a Zoom meeting from Gmail. It will pull the meeting topic into the Google Calendar event from the email subject line automatically. To start scheduling Zoom meetings from Gmail, just:

  1. Sign into Gmail in your browser and create a new email message
  2. Click the Zoom logo in the right-side panel. (When we tested this it worked for current emails in our inbox, but not new ones.) 
  3. Adjust the meeting settings. 

The email recipients will get details on how to join the meeting, but they won’t get a calendar invite. To send a Google Calendar invite, you need to use Google Calendar.

How to sync Zoom with multiple Google Calendars

There’s an easier way to sync Zoom with Google Calendar, and especially multiple calendars. Clockwise is a free smart calendar assistant that optimizes your work calendar. When you schedule a new meeting with Clockwise, Clockwise suggests the times to meet that preserve the most Focus Time for you and your team. We also move your meetings to the best times so you have more time to focus. Plus, Clockwise automatically resolves scheduling conflicts so you spend less time scheduling and rescheduling. 

Our Zoom integration enables you to add a Zoom Meeting to your invites with one click. Unlike the Zoom for GSuite add-on, you can install Clockwise for your GSuite account while you’re signed into multiple Google accounts. 

Other benefits of the Clockwise Zoom sync

While you can manually schedule breaks between meetings, you can also have Clockwise do it for you automatically. 

Clockwise helps battle Zoom fatigue automatically. Just tell us how much of a break you want and how often - we’ll add them in when possible. For example, if you’d like a 15-minute break after two hours of consecutive meetings, Clockwise will attempt to schedule around that preference. Learn more about smart meeting breaks here.

Plus, Clockwise’s one-on-one dashboard will also show you how many one-on-ones you have right now, on which cadence. Then, you can remove any duplicative or unnecessary meetings. The ones you want to keep you can mark as flexible with just one click. Making these meetings flexible will address double-booking automatically, so you don’t have to manually reschedule or skip your one-on-one. Check it out here.

How to sync Zoom with Outlook Calendar

To quickly add a Zoom call to your calendar invites in Outlook Calendar, you’ll want to install the Zoom for Outlook add-in. It will enable this functionality in the Outlook web and desktop apps. 

First, you’ll need your Outlook admin to deploy and configure the add-in. You’ll also need to make sure your Outlook account is connected to a Microsoft Exchange account. Those on an IMAP account will need to use the add-in on the Outlook web app. While you’re installing, if you run into an error saying you’re prohibited or do not have the correct permissions, you’ll need to contact your IT admin for assistance. 

Once your Outlook admin has deployed and configured the add-in, sign in to the Office 365 Admin Portal. Then head to Settings (the gear icon), and then Services & add-ins.

Going forward

Zoom meetings are likely to remain a part of our working lives. Luckily, Zoom calendar integration is super easy. The Clockwise + Zoom integration is the fastest way to quickly add videoconferencing to any meeting in just one click. And you can install Clockwise for your GSuite account while you’re signed into multiple Google accounts. 

Plus, Clockwise offers other benefits including:

  • Preserving Focus Time for you and your team
  • Moving your meetings to open up more time to focus
  • Automatically resolving scheduling conflicts
  • Adding 15-minute breaks between meetings 
  • Showing all your one-on-ones at a glance

When you use Clockwise to sync Zoom and Google Calendar, you spend less time scheduling and rescheduling and more time in deep, focused work. 

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