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You're Invited! Join us for Clockwise Office Hours.

You're Invited! Join us for Clockwise Office Hours.

November 26, 2022

You're Invited! Join us for Clockwise Office Hours.
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You know that time is our most precious nonrenewable resource.

But did you know that time spent in meetings has more than doubled in the last year and continues to climb? 

On top of that - the meetings are getting longer.  The standard 30-minute touchbase is being left behind, replaced with a 45-minute jam session instead. 

With more meetings, and longer meetings - it should come as no surprise that the average employee spends 85% of their work week in meetings

If you want to make the most of your time in (and out) of meetings, and help your team do the same, join us for Clockwise Office Hours on November 10, 2021.

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Kicking off Wednesday, November 10, join me LIVE for a deep dive into a different time management topic. Then, I'll open up the floor for your questions and coaching.

This week, I’m sharing 3 Ways to Build a Better Meeting, so you can stop wasting time in meetings that don’t matter, and start being more efficient, effective and engaging with your meeting time.

Perhaps you're curious about the best time of day for Deep Work. You could even be wondering how to combat distractions or battle meeting fatigue. Bring your burning questions and walk away with clear next steps. 

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Anna Dearmon Kornick

Anna Dearmon Kornick is a Time Management Coach and host of It's About Time, a podcast about work, life and balance. As Head of Community at Clockwise, Anna is on a mission to help the world spend time on what matters.

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