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Meet Anna Dearmon Kornick, our new Head of Community

Meet Anna Dearmon Kornick, our new Head of Community

Anna Dearmon Kornick
Head of Community
November 16, 2021
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Meet Anna Dearmon Kornick, our new Head of Community
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Anna Dearmon Kornick recently joined Clockwise as our Head of Community. 

A Time Management Coach and host of It’s About Time - A Podcast about Work, Life and Balance, Anna’s no stranger to helping busy professionals master time management so they can stop feeling overwhelmed and start spending time on what matters most. 

Anna recording an episode of It's About Time, her podcast about work, life, and balance.

In fact, Anna will be bringing her time management expertise to Clockwise’s new coaching series, Office Hours. Kicking off Wednesday, November 3, join Anna each week for a deep dive into a different time management topic. From managing more effective meetings to managing your energy throughout the day, bring your burning questions and walk away with clear next steps. 

I spoke to Anna about what her life was like before Clockwise, what drew her to us, and what she does when she’s not coaching, podcasting, or building up the Clockwise community.

The journey to Clockwise

Before coming to Clockwise, Anna spent more than a decade in the fast-moving, high-stakes world of political and crisis communications. Starting her career managing the hectic schedule of a U.S. Congressman, Anna eventually moved on to serving as chief spokesperson for a Lt. Governor and leading crisis communications on behalf of government agencies, nonprofits, political candidates and Fortune 100 companies.

Looking for a change of pace, Anna’s spent the last 3 years helping small business owners and executives better manage their time using personality-driven productivity methods. 

Why Clockwise

So what inspired her to say yes to a full-time role at Clockwise? “Truth be told – I wasn’t exactly looking for this opportunity on LinkedIn or,” Anna recently wrote. “After learning more and more about the company, and asking a lot of questions – I knew it was the right fit for me. The decision to join the Clockwise team – while it definitely required a lot of thought and deliberation – it was actually pretty easy.”

What made it easy was Anna’s connection to her core values. “Your core values are a reflection of who you are and a guiding-light for decision making of all types,” Anna writes. “When you know your core values, you can quickly determine if something is, or isn’t worth your precious time.” 

Anna noticed right away that Clockwise is a company driven by our mission and core values. “Every single interaction with the team has made that very clear,” Anna said. “That played a huge role for me in joining their team.”

Anna was really swayed by the product as well. 

“When I worked at a PR firm, and when I worked at that museum in New Orleans, my days were totally fragmented,” Anna recently wrote. “I was pulled in a million different directions. I’d stay at the office until 6 or 7, go home, eat dinner, and then work until 11. Pass out, then start over again the next day. I was pretty miserable. Clockwise solves that problem. It’s like having an assistant, but having been a Congressional Scheduler and an Executive Assistant  – I can honestly say that NO assistant can manage this level of coordination. I’m seriously impressed by it.”

The opportunity to create and support a community for Clockwise users and people who are interested in improving their time management and work/life balance is very motivating for Anna as well. She’s excited to leverage her time management expertise to help the community spend time on what matters most to them. 

“Seriously – I’m going to work for a company that helps people focus, by managing their calendars, so they can focus on what matters most – and my job will be to cultivate a community around time management and what matters most,” Anna wrote. “It feels like a dream come true.”

Anna at home

Anna will continue to produce her podcast where she shares time management tips, productivity strategies, and real-life advice. She also interviews time management experts on how they navigate family, friends, fulfilling careers, and full schedules. 

When she’s not building the Clockwise community or behind the mic interviewing guests for episodes of It’s About Time, you can find Anna spending time with her family.

Whether she’s enjoying a fresh cup of coffee with her husband Scott or reading favorite stories to her girls, Camilla and Elizabeth, home is definitely where the heart is for Anna. 

Anna and Scott enjoying freshly brewed coffee at home.

“We have a subscription to Trade Coffee, so one of the highlights of the weekend is opening a new bag of whole beans and taking that initial 'taste test' sip,” Anna shared. “And now that the weather is finally cooling off in Louisiana, we try to spend as much time outside as possible. Neighborhood walks and playing on the swing set in the backyard are definitely on the agenda.”

Interested in working with Anna and our marketing team? We’re currently looking for our next Performance Marketing Manager and Product Marketing Manager. If that’s not you, check out our other open positions.

About the author

Anna Dearmon Kornick

Anna Dearmon Kornick is a Time Management Coach and host of It's About Time, a podcast about work, life and balance. As Head of Community at Clockwise, Anna is on a mission to help the world spend time on what matters.

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