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Finer controls for flexible meetings

Finer controls for flexible meetings

Linda Pei
Software Engineering Manager
August 10, 2022
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Finer controls for flexible meetings
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Clockwise created flexible meetings to create more Focus Time for teams. But, sometimes a one-on-one originally set for a Tuesday winds up on a Friday and more often than not; you’d rather it move to a Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe you just want to ensure your one-on-ones take place on days when your hybrid team is in the office. 

Whatever the reason, wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell Clockwise which day or days you’d like your meetings to move to? Well, now you can!

Now, Clockwise users on paid plans will have finer day-of-week control over flexible meetings so you can maintain a consistent meeting cadence. And it works even as your schedule shifts during the week. If you want your team standup to happen on certain days, Clockwise will only move it to those days.

Simply mark which days you’d like a flexible meeting to occur on, right in your meeting invite. Keep in mind that the more flexibility you offer, the more room Clockwise has to optimize your calendar and free up Focus Time.

Finer controls for flexible meetings are available on Clockwise Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. To try it out, mark a meeting as flexible if you haven’t already!

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Linda Pei

Linda is an engineering manager at Clockwise, helping the world make time for what matters.

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