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Announcing more flexible Focus Time for busy people

Announcing more flexible Focus Time for busy people

Emily Powell
Head of Product Marketing
April 25, 2023
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Announcing more flexible Focus Time for busy people
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It’s no secret that more Focus Time during the work day leads to increased productivity and better business results. But what about those weeks when meetings stack up, and you still have deadlines to meet, but there’s no time for work? 

The busier we get, the harder it is even for AI to find hours-long blocks of time to get deep work done. And since flexibility is the name of the game, here at Clockwise we’ve decided to unlock Focus Time in a new way that allows even those with the busiest calendars to find time to get work done. 

The importance of Focus Time

Focus Time is two or more hours of completely uninterrupted work time. It’s a dedicated block to work on a task or project and give it your undivided attention, with the goal of eliminating outside distractions and unnecessary noise, so you can do your best work (and get it done faster). The idea is that blocks of time shorter than two hours impose unnecessary switching costs since there is less time to get in the zone, and greater risk of distractions or multitasking.

While a two-hour chunk is the ideal for balancing the modern workday, here at Clockwise we are well aware that sometimes our calendars are just too full, or too rigid, to allow the algorithm the space it needs to free up those glorious 2+ hour blocks of deep work time. This is why we are excited to share our latest product improvement: short Focus Time for busy calendars.  

more focus time

Introducing short Focus Time

By offering calendar optimizations for shorter Focus Time, Clockwise is excited to meet our users where they are — especially if that’s smack in the middle of a meeting-heavy week with little or no time to go heads down. Available now for all users, Clockwise will continue to prioritize 2+ hour blocks of Focus Time when possible, but will now schedule 60-90 minute blocks when a user has fewer than 10 hours of Focus Time in a given week. This will happen automatically, so you can make time for what matters. 

Happy focusing!

Looking to better protect what Focus Time you do have? 

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About the author

Emily Powell

Emily Powell leads Product Marketing at Clockwise, launching features and product enhancements to help the world make time for what matters.

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