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New! Introducing a smarter way to schedule with Clockwise

New! Introducing a smarter way to schedule with Clockwise

Cathy Reisenwitz
Content, Clockwise
April 1, 2021
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New! Introducing a smarter way to schedule with Clockwise
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Today, we’re announcing the next major improvement to our smart calendar assistant. We’re debuting our new, intelligent scheduling experience, built for the future of work.

When we schedule meetings, we typically consider a single data point: Is the calendar slot free or busy?

Filling up empty calendars with meetings hurts our productivity. A poorly scheduled meeting in the middle of a block of Focus Time can cost up to 40% of your productive time at work.

The new intelligent scheduler makes choosing a time to meet effortless with smart suggestions, right in Google Calendar. Clockwise automatically generates these smart suggestions, based on more than ten factors, including:

  • The timezone of every attendee
  • Meeting preferences (eg: I prefer to meet in the morning)
  • Work hours
  • Focus Time cost (eg: will this meeting interrupt a block of free time that could be used for productive work)
  • Meeting conflicts
  • No meeting day
  • Your ratings of meeting moves
  • Meeting relief
  • Travel time
  • How soon you want to meet
  • Preserving time for lunch

This reimagined scheduling experience couldn’t come at a better time. With remote and hybrid work becoming commonplace, our working styles are evolving. It’s a great time for an app that respects our meeting preferences and takes the manual work out of scheduling.

"The pandemic has made it even more difficult to find focus — from non-stop Zoom calls to kids shouting in the background, we're all struggling to prioritize our time," said Matt Martin, our Co-Founder and CEO. "We built an intelligent scheduler to make it radically easier for teams to collaborate, while preserving time for everyone to focus on their most important work."

According to our latest data, the time spent in team meetings has increased by 25% as people have shifted to working from home since the start of the pandemic. We also found that about 60% of our user view scheduling and rescheduling meetings as a significant pain point.

“This problem is deeply felt by Engineering organizations and teams, where Focus Time is a precious commodity,” said Martin. “Without adequate Focus Time, Engineers lack the critical heads-down and problem-solving time to develop and deliver effective products on time and of the highest quality.”

Engineering leaders running world-class software development teams, such as Datadog, rely on Clockwise to increase their productivity and impact. The new scheduling experience addresses this need by automating meeting scheduling, a typically time-consuming task.

“There’s nothing more important than time, you can’t buy time. With Clockwise, over two years of organic calendar fragmentation was fixed the day after Clockwise was installed, allowing Datadog employees greater control over balancing their time,” said Emilio Escobar, Chief Information Security Officer, Datadog.

It’s a smarter way to schedule. Try using Clockwise to schedule your meetings today

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