Clockwise raises $45M Series C to rework the workday

Clockwise raises $45M Series C to rework the workday

Matt Martin
Co-Founder and CEO
January 18, 2022
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Clockwise raises $45M Series C to rework the workday
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Our concept of the workday is stuck in the industrial age, when people clocked in to perform the same individual task. But that’s not how we work anymore—we collaborate across teams, time zones, tools, and meetings. To create a healthy, sustainable future of work, we need to rework the workday around people and their present-day needs. 

Clockwise is the solution to the modern workday. It optimizes your team's schedules to create more time in everyone's day — so we can feel present when we’re working together and focused when we’re working on our own. We call it a time orchestration platform, the modern way to bring schedules together in harmony at the organizational level.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve raised $45M in funding to advance our AI technology and bring this new way of working to more people worldwide. Coatue led our series C investment, with participation from Atlassian Ventures and our existing investors Accel, Greylock Partners, and Bain Capital Ventures.  

Thank you to our investors, our world-class team, and our global community of users. Thank you for believing in us and helping shift modern work culture to genuinely respect people’s time. Together, we’ve rescheduled 4,000,000 flexible meetings and created over 2,000,000 hours of Focus Time.

Gary Lerhaupt (CTO and Co-founder) and Matt Martin (CEO and Co-founder)

The Clockwise magic

All of our products are built on a single truth: time has become a shared resource. Our calendars connect us to everyone we meet with—and everyone they meet with. That means one person’s attempts to optimize their day can completely destroy their teammate’s productivity. 

The magic of Clockwise is that it turns flexibility into freedom. We run up to 1 million calendar permutations for any given team to create the best possible schedule for everyone. Imagine a supercomputer playing Tetris to put flexible meetings in the best possible place based on your preferences. We do that every day to unlock time and help foster a healthier way of working.  ​​

Business momentum

Today, over 10,000 organizations run on Clockwise, including Netflix, Twitter, Coinbase, and productivity pioneers like Atlassian, Asana, and Airtable.  84% of managers who use Clockwise say that it helps them use their time more efficiently. Here are a few people describing Clockwise’s impact in their own words:

  • Atlassian: 50,000+ hours created
    “As both active users and now investors, Atlassian has seen first hand the impact that Clockwise can have on organizations. Its focus on team productivity aligns with our own mission to unleash the potential of every team. With over 4,000 Atlassians using Clockwise to manage their schedules, it helps us retain a healthy, sustainable culture.”  - Chris Hecht, Head of Corporate Development

  • Amplitude: 8,000+ hours created
    “Engineers have seen an improvement in heads-down time and the ability to get work done, which of course is productivity and ultimately business impact.” - Abbie Kouzmanoff, Product leader at Amplitude

  • Wealthsimple: 4,000+ hours created
    We’re all trying to keep long stretches of time available on our calendars and trying to prevent our days from getting chopped up into little bits. Clockwise maximizes Focus Time, and that’s been super valuable for our team.” - Nate Smith, Principal Software Engineer

The future

Ten years ago, it seemed unimaginable that software could orchestrate a company’s workday; ten years from today, it will feel inconsiderate to schedule a meeting without software’s help. Time is a shared resource, so individual efforts only compound the problem. 

The gaps in our calendars aren’t spaces for more meetings. They’re the foundation for a sustainable workday—flexible time that we each can dedicate to what matters. We’re building every day around those moments. 

Today, the Clockwise team comprises 61 extraordinarily talented, diverse, and kind individuals. Guided by our values, we’ve created a culture where 98% of employees say that Clockwise is a great place to work. We’re growing quickly, with more than 25 open positions and another 100 openings in the next few quarters. 

We can’t fix our schedules on our own. But we can build the solution together. Come join our team, and let’s rework the workday.

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Matt Martin

Matt Martin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Clockwise, a time orchestration platform that brings much needed flexibility to our schedules. Clockwise learns about the things that matter to us and to our coworkers and makes time for both, using AI to find the right moments to meet while saving focus time for each of us.

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