How to quickly sync Slack with Google Calendar for more focus at work

How to quickly sync Slack with Google Calendar for more focus at work
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Wouldn’t it be nice if your teammates could know whether you’re in a meeting, outside of working hours, or heads-down on a project without having to ping them? When you sync your Google Calendar with Slack through Clockwise, that’s exactly what happens.

Our Google Calendar + Slack sync:

  • Syncs your availability to your Slack status automatically
  • Gives you a heads-up about what your day looks like
  • Automatically turns on Do Not Disturb when you’re unavailable


The quickest, easiest way to sync Slack with Google Calendar (for free!)

If you’re a Clockwise user on G Suite, it’s a snap to easily integrate Slack with Google Calendar. Just click here to give Clockwise permission to connect to your Slack workspace.

If you’re not using Clockwise yet, click here to get started for free.

The first time you sign up for Clockwise, there’s an onboarding card where you can sync your calendar with Slack:

When you sync Google Calendar and Slack through Clockwise, a status-specific emoji will show up next to your name in Slack:

  • 💡 = Focus Time (learn more about Focus Time)
  • 📅 = In a meeting
  • ⛔️ = Out of Office
  • 🌔 = Outside of Working Hours
  • 🌔 = Before Working Hours

2. Preview your day’s meetings and events

A daily forecast of your meetings helps you prepare for your day. Clockwise will even Slack you when your meetings change.

With Clockwise for Teams, you can have Slack notify everyone daily on your team's availability. In your Clockwise settings, head over to the "Manage the team" tab to turn on your Slack sync.

From here, you can choose which Slack channel to send the update to and what time each day you'd like Clockwise to send the update.

3. Block interruptions with automatic Do Not Disturb

When it comes to work/life balance, it’s essential to not always be “on.” It’s also essential for Deep Work to carve out time for focusing on a single task without interruption.

That’s why we built an option to turn on an automatic Do Not Disturb response when someone messages you when you’re out of office, in Focus Time, or otherwise unavailable.

This way, your teammates know when they shouldn’t expect a fast response. It’s especially handy in our current remote work world where you might be collaborating across time zones.

Going forward

Syncing Slack with Google Calendar can make your work life easier in at least three ways:

  1. It can automatically update your status with your availability.
  2. It offers you and your teammates a preview of your day and your team’s day.
  3. It kills unwanted interruptions for deep focus with Do Not Disturb.

To start syncing Slack with Google Calendar, click here. If you’re not a Clockwise user yet, click here to get started for free. And, you can use Clockwise to sync work and personal calendars.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at

In the meantime, read our guide to the perfect project kickoff meeting.

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