Segment's sales team finds time for pipeline generation with Clockwise


Company overview

Segment is a customer data platform (CDP) that helps you collect, clean, and control your customer data.

Meet Michael

Michael is a Field Sales Strategy Manager at Segment. He’s responsible for ensuring that sales reps have the tools, processes, and technology they need to meet their sales targets.

The Clockwise solution.

In order to continue to fuel strong growth, creating a strong focus on outbound pipeline generation was becoming a bigger focus. This required hours of heads-down, focused work. The sales team didn’t have the Focus Time they needed for pipeline generation.

Shortly after Michael started at Segment a trusted colleague recommended Clockwise.

Life after Clockwise

Michael says sales reps generally hate pipeline generation. “If I'm the sales rep and I have all these short meetings all throughout the day, then I'm not going to prioritize the thing that I least like doing.”

Michael began working to ensure salespeople spend at least 10 hours on pipeline generation per week. And Clockwise ensures they have those 10 hours available.

The Segment sales team uses Clockwise flexible meetings to automatically rearrange their internal meetings to open up Focus Time – two-hour or more blocks of uninterrupted time perfect for deep work like pipeline generation. The team then uses Focus Time holds to protect that time so it doesn't get booked over. “Without using Clockwise to block off Focus Time in everyone’s calendar, it won’t get done.”

Now Focus Time is a sales rep OKR. And Clockwise's Team Analytics saves Michael from having to manually count the team's free time - instead it gives Michael a snapshot of how much Focus Time each teammate has in real-time.

Other productivity analytics are “tell you things like you spent 15% less screen time on your iPhone,” Michael said. “What am I going to do with that information? Whereas the information you get from Clockwise with two minutes of effort definitely feels like it gives me about an extra half-day of productivity.”

He’s also started using Clockwise for Teams, which automatically creates a shared team calendar and populates it with everyone’s vacation. “I love the Teams features,” Michael said.

“We've all worked in teams where you have to go into your manager's calendar, your calendar, and some other calendar to share that you're out of office, and whatever way you do it, at the end people still don't know you're off,” Michael said with a laugh.

“We just turned that on in the last two weeks and it's just simple, intuitive, really easy to see,” Michael said. “In fact, prior to this I really couldn't identify when team members and managers were off and now I can actually see it really easily."

Today Segment includes Clockwise in the onboarding process and 90% of Segment’s sales leadership uses Clockwise. “The adoption we've got is great,” Michael said.

Additional hours of Focus Time created
Clockwise users
Conflicts resolved
Meetings rescheduled

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