Make your calendar work for you

Clockwise brings together a powerful optimization engine with a personal calendar assistant to make your work life run smoothly.

Optimize your calendar

Clockwise automatically moves your meetings in order to:

  • Free up blocks of uninterrupted time so you can focus on what matters.
  • Reschedule conflicting meetings so you don't have to.
  • Reflect your preferences to make your day flow the way you work best.

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Protect your Focus Time, automatically

Clockwise creates dynamic Focus Time holds on your calendar that allow you to:

  • Save uninterrupted blocks of time so you have time to accomplish your priorities.
  • Set your Focus Time goal because we know not every role needs the same amount.

Your personal calendar assistant

Clockwise takes care of the busywork, so you can focus on your work, not micro-managing your calendar

Calsync 1

Keep your personal and work calendars in sync

Sync your personal calendar events to your work calendar as private busy blocks, so you never miss your important personal commitments.

Automatically color-code your calendar

Clockwise automatically categorizes and color-codes your meetings so you can see your schedule at-a-glance
Traveltime 1

Protect your travel time

Clockwise automatically detects when travel time is needed and how long it should be, so you're always on time for your meetings.
Slack 1

Sync your calendar to Slack

Sync your calendar to your Slack status so your teammates know you're unavailable at a glance, automatically enter Do Not Disturb mode when you're in meetings, and more.

Clockwise works where you work

Clockwise integrates seamlessly with the tools you spend the most time in at work:

  • A Google Calendar Chrome Extension
  • Slack application
  • Web application