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Because of the coronavirus, you are likely scrambling to figure out how to transition to remote work. Discover how Clockwise helps you get more done remotely.
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The transition to remote work has made our schedules more chaotic

Compared to February, we now have more meetings, less Focus Time, and more fragmented time. Vacations have been canceled. It's more important than ever to take control of our work schedule.
hours of meeting time per week
hours of fragmented time per week
hours of vacation time per week

Find your focus with Clockwise

Sync your Slack status with your calendar

Do you miss being able to look across the office to see if a coworker is free? Use Clockwise to communicate your availability by syncing your calendar to your Slack status as an emoji.

Use flexible meetings to free up more Focus Time

Clockwise thoughtfully moves flexible meetings to free up long uninterrupted blocks of free time for you and your team.

Schedule Focus Time to maximize productivity

Clockwise creates dynamic Focus Time holds on your calendar so you always have time to accomplish your priorities.

Slack and Google Calendar, automatically in sync

Clockwise Slack sync shows whether you're available, in Focus Time, or in a meeting. It turns on Do Not Disturb automatically, helps you prepare for your day with a daily digest, and messages you when your calendar changes.

The Wall Street Journal

Clockwise was recently featured in the WSJ's "Living the Coronavirus Work-From-Home Life? Here Are All the Tech Tips You Need"
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