How are other Engineers spending their time?

Engineering team time management benchmark report

Most Engineering teams make a serious effort to measure inputs and outputs. Yet when it comes to our most valuable resource, time, we’re often flying blind. 

We crunched data from more than 1,500,000 meetings, 80,000 Engineering teams, and 5,000 companies to create the 2022 Software Engineering Meeting Benchmark Report.

Use this report to compare your calendar to your peers and identify ways you can improve your team's time management. 

Our report uncovers: 

  • The return on investment for Engineering teams with more Focus Time
  • How the average Engineer's schedule drastically changes as they climb the career ladder
  • The "coordination tax" growing companies have to contend with

And, we’re offering an opportunity to automatically compare and contrast your own calendar to our benchmarks, totally free.

Some of our findings:

  • Focus Time has a very high ROI for engineering teams
  • Engineers at small companies average 5.6 more hours of uninterrupted time per week compared to large companies
  • The average Manager and above spends nearly two hours in 1:1s every week

To learn more, check out the report now!

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