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Clockwise’s new (default) view helps teams communicate and collaborate more effortlessly

Clockwise’s new (default) view helps teams communicate and collaborate more effortlessly

November 26, 2022

Clockwise’s new (default) view helps teams communicate and collaborate more effortlessly
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We’ve improved the default view in Clockwise! Now, when you open up Clockwise in your calendar, you can not only see your teammates’ statuses at a glance, but also schedule meetings with them in one click. See right in your calendar which of your teammates are out of office, traveling, or working from a different location.

Here are the three main benefits of our new default view.

1. See your team’s status in real time

Have you ever spent all day waiting for a response from a teammate only to find out later they were out of office that day? Similarly, have you ever put your OOO on your calendar only to get interrupted by pings all day anyway?

We believed you’d benefit from being able to see your teammates’ availability at a glance based on user feedback and your enthusiastic response to our Slack app.

Now, your teammates’ status is available by default. We also added emojis to represent teammates’ statuses so you get the update with less reading.

💻 = Based on their timezone and pre-set working hours, your teammate should be available

📅 = Based on their calendar, your teammate is currently in a meeting

💡 = Based on their calendar, your teammate is currently in Focus Time

🖼️ = Based on their calendar, your teammate is currently out of office

2. Schedule meetings with your teammates with one click

We added a “Find Time” link to each teammate’s card for one-click scheduling. Clockwise’s flexible meetings feature will even fill in the meeting title with you and your teammate’s names.

When you click “Find Time,” Clockwise lists available times in order of how much Focus Time they preserve for you and your team and shows you how each time will impact Focus Time.

New Clockwise default view cards

3. Still see everyone’s analytics

Don’t worry, we haven’t done anything to the Analytics we provide for you and your team. Just click on anyone’s card to see their status, what time it is in their time zone, and how busy their schedule is.

We break each of your teammates’ time into:

  • Focus Time: Blocks of two or more hours of uninterrupted time for deep work
  • Fragmented time: Blocks of time shorter than two hours between events
  • Meetings: Events that involve multiple attendees
  • Other events: Lunches, travel time, and other non-meeting calendar events

You can use this information to allocate work or decide who to schedule with. You can even see how their time distribution has changed over the week.

Pro-tip: You can see some of this info just by hovering over their card!

Going forward

By switching up the default view in Clockwise, now you can:

  • See your team’s status easily in real time,
  • Schedule meetings with one click,
  • View our actionable analytics.

This is all part of our vision to help teams communicate and collaborate more effortlessly. It works best when the whole team is on it, so if your whole team isn’t yet on board, invite them to join the fun.

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