See and optimize all your one-on-one meetings at a glance

Legendary CEO and investor Ben Horowitz considers one-on-ones vital enough that he was willing to fire a senior leader if he didn’t start holding them.

Why? The one-on-one is where three important things happen.

Managers and their reports:

  1. Build trust
  2. Learn how to best work together
  3. Exchange vital information that doesn’t come up in any other venue

Why do so many managers push out or skip their one-on-ones? One reason is they’re a pain to schedule and reschedule. And it tends to get worse as your team grows.

If you’ve noticed that you’re spending a lot of time scheduling and rescheduling one-on-ones, we’ve got good news! Our new one-on-one dashboard shows you all your one-on-one meetings at a glance, and allows you to easily make them flexible.

Click here to see how many one-on-ones you have right now, on what cadence.


Then, you can choose which one-on-ones to make flexible with just one click. Making these meetings flexible will address double-booking automatically, so you don’t have to manually reschedule or skip your one-on-one.

It will also free up blocks of Focus Time so you can dive into heads-downs work without interruption.

“The key is to build a relationship with your team so that they can trust you,” Engineering Manager and Coach Ling Abson wrote. “Having a trusting relationship is important as it allows your team to surface any issues that may be preventing them from delivering and trusting that there’s safety in bringing those issues to you.”

Use this dashboard to make more of your one-on-ones flexible so we can reschedule them automatically. We’ll also schedule them for the time that opens up the most Focus Time for you and your team.

We built a way to take our time back.

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