Introducing Clockwise

Introducing Clockwise

Matt Martin
Co-Founder and CEO
June 17, 2019
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Introducing Clockwise
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What if you woke up tomorrow and you had two more hours in your afternoon?

If, overnight, meetings rearranged to open up hours of productivity; scheduling conflicts were automatically resolved; travel time was accounted for; and personal obligations were protected as part of your day, with time to spare. What if you woke up to a calendar that reflected what matters to you?

Today, after two years of focused work, I’m incredibly proud to announce the launch of a system that delivers just that: Clockwise. We’re also excited to announce the over $13 million in funding we’ve raised to date from Steve Loughlin at Accel, who led our seed round and co-led our Series A funding; John Lilly at Greylock Partners, our other Series A co-lead; and some more amazing partners including Slack Fund, Michael Ovitz, Ellen Levy, George Hu, Soraya Darabi, SV Angel, and Jay Simons.

People need time to focus. Clockwise gives people that time. Automatically.

Clockwise transforms people’s days, turning what they have — 15 minutes to work here, 30 minutes there — into what they need: uninterrupted blocks of time to focus, think, and innovate.

Clockwise does this by connecting to your work calendar and untangling your schedule at the system level, across all attendees. It learns your preferences such as typical working hours, timezone, tolerance for having multiple meetings in a row, desired lunch time, and more. Clockwise uses this rich set of information, across an entire company, to identify disruptive meetings and seamlessly coordinate between multiple schedules.

Even the best scheduling assistant in the world would find it impossible to weigh the schedules of an entire organization to find the best times for everyone; Clockwise does this in seconds. With one click, you can move meetings to the best time. Or, better yet, you can have Clockwise do this for you automatically; continually monitoring your calendar to ensure you have time to focus and making adjustments when you don’t.

Over 12,000 hours and counting.

This effortless moving of meetings gives people their focus back, in the form of precious time. Lots of time.

During the private beta leading up to today’s launch, Clockwise created over 12,000 hours of Focus Time at some truly innovative companies. It resolved over 2,500 double-booked meetings. It protected over 32,000 personal commitments that were synced to office calendars that Clockwise transformed.

This time has an immediate and positive impact on an organization’s overall productivity and ability to serve their customers. When people starved for Focus Time get it, they can use it for everything from shipping product faster to making sure they’re home in time for dinner with their families.

When we asked a few teams testing Clockwise for their reactions, we were blown away by the response. This is just a small selection:

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"Clockwise has made it super easy to see how I'm spending my time and to make sure I'm carving out enough time for my main priorities."

Adam WaxmanDirector of Product Design - SeatGeek

"Clockwise has been our partner in crime for increasing Focus Time - and awareness of this concept - inside my teams."

Elba OrnelasUX Design - Wizeline

"As a founder, Clockwise has brought back sanity to my calendar. I finally have back long stretches of time where I can actually get things done."

Eric KoslowCo-Founder & CTO - Lattice

"Clockwise has given us a superpower — the ability to manage time itself."

Jon WongEngineer - Coursera

Our next steps.

Today we’re launching Clockwise, the intelligent calendar system that frees up your time so you can work on what matters. It’s available for all G-Suite calendar users. Install it to start taking back control of your day; invite your co-workers to maximize the time your team has for focus.

I’m incredibly excited about what we have in store for the rest of 2019 and beyond. We have an incredible team focused on a common goal: giving our users more time for focused work, family, and friends. More time that matters to you.

We’re Clockwise. Our mission is to help the world make time for what matters. And we’re just getting started.

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Matt Martin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Clockwise, a time orchestration platform that brings much needed flexibility to our schedules. Clockwise learns about the things that matter to us and to our coworkers and makes time for both, using AI to find the right moments to meet while saving focus time for each of us.

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