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What is a time orchestration platform?

What is a time orchestration platform?

Judy Tsuei
March 17, 2022
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What is a time orchestration platform?
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You’ve probably heard of calendar and scheduling software — but have you heard of a time orchestration platform? A time orchestration platform like Clockwise can help you manage your schedule, streamline your day, and in general, make your life a lot easier. Clockwise simplifies scheduling like other digital scheduling assistants. But it also optimizes your calendar by freeing up uninterrupted blocks of Focus Time.

Whether you’re a manager juggling one-on-one meetings or a team member who needs more time for deep work, time orchestration can help you make time for what’s most important. Let’s take a deeper look into what this means.

What are the benefits of a time orchestration platform?

Short answer: Time orchestration combines the best of a digital scheduling assistant (for less manual scheduling) and calendar optimization tool (for a well-arranged calendar).

But that’s just a snippet of what time orchestration can do. Read below to learn the benefits for personal time management and team productivity.

What can a time orchestration platform do for personal time management?

The goal of time orchestration is a more sustainable workday. Here’s how Clockwise accomplishes that for you:

1. Creates space for deep work

While most scheduling tools let you schedule and manage meetings, Clockwise takes it a step further and lets you schedule Focus Time. Productivity doesn’t consist of sitting in meetings all day. We all need the time and space to get into the flow and get things done.

Clockwise analyzes your calendar and (with your permission) rearranges meetings to find long stretches of uninterrupted time. What’s more is that Clockwise also protects that time, even as your calendar fills up.

2. Adapts to your work style

Clockwise recognizes that no two people work the same, which is why it takes into account your individual preferences. Do you do your best work in the morning? Do you hate having meetings on Fridays after lunch?

Focus Time is also a factor, since certain jobs might require more deep work than others (writing code, for example). During set-up, Clockwise asks for your availability and preferences, so that your calendar always works for you (not the other way around). A personal calendar assistant that understands your unique work style can bring much more ease into your day!

3. Integrates with the tools you already use

In this day and age, many of us don’t want to add another app to our (already overwhelming) tech stack. But don’t worry, Clockwise actually integrates with Google Calendar, so you can continue to work out of GCal while enjoying the added functionality of a time orchestration platform.

Clockwise also integrates with Asana and Slack. The Asana integration lets you turn tasks in Asana into blocks on your calendar. By combining project management and time orchestration, you’ll take your time management and productivity to the next level.

Clockwise for Slack is equally fantastic because it automatically updates your Slack status and pauses Slack notifications whenever you’re in a meeting or in Focus Time.

4. Syncs your personal and professional calendars

Having a healthy work-life balance is important, and a time orchestration platform can help you do that! By syncing your personal and work calendars, you’ll be less likely to double-book your time and end up having to choose between attending your daughter's soccer game and an important work meeting.

Now that we’ve seen how time orchestration can benefit your personal productivity, let’s look at what your team has to gain!

What can a time orchestration platform do for team productivity?

Time orchestration takes into consideration your entire team’s calendars, so that everyone can work their best. Like an orchestrator who arranges a beautiful, complex piece that an entire symphony can perform together, a time orchestration platform creates order and cohesion out of everyone’s schedules. Here’s how:

1. Simplifies team scheduling

Finding a good time to meet with one other person can be challenging. Factor in multiple team members across different time zones, then the process becomes even more time-consuming.

A time orchestration platform like Clockwise lets your team schedule with more ease by automatically suggesting meeting times that work for everyone, via the Clockwise Scheduler. The Clockwise Scheduler considers not only availability but Focus Time impact for everyone involved.

2. Keeps everyone in sync

In addition to everything else, Clockwise also acts as a shared team calendar. Having a shared team calendar is critical for everyone staying on the same page, but that often means having an extra calendar to keep up to date. Thankfully, Clockwise keeps your personal calendar and shared team calendar in sync, so you never have to double your efforts. That also means no more out-of-office surprises.

Plus, remember the Slack integration we mentioned above? Clockwise for Slack makes it so much easier for your team to stay on the same page by automatically updating your Slack status and pausing notifications whenever you’re in a meeting or doing deep work. When everyone knows each other’s availability, you can move work forward with confidence, together.

3. Provides insight into your team’s bandwidth

If you’re a team leader, time orchestration becomes even more instrumental for you and your team’s success. Team leaders can use Clockwise to gain clarity on their team’s bandwidth. Who’s spending too much time in meetings? Who doesn’t have enough Focus Time? Clockwise’s Team Analytics feature makes it easier to avoid burnout, foster well-being, and create a more sustainable way of working.

Give it a try!

At its core, time orchestration combines the best of having a scheduling assistant and calendar optimization tool. The result is a streamlined schedule with less of the manual busywork — who doesn’t want that?

Give Clockwise a try for a few weeks, and experience for yourself greater productivity, less stress, and more harmony with your whole team.

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