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On the surface Clockwise and Reclaim might look similar, but they're fundamentally quite different.

Over 15,000 organizations run on Clockwise

Key differences between Clockwise and Reclaim.ai

Reclaim is a time-blocking tool and primarily designed for individual use. It primarily helps people fill their calendar by adding tasks and scheduling other types of recurring meetings.

Clockwise optimizes teams’ calendars to create more time in everyone’s day. Clockwise is a time orchestration platform that frees up calendars by moving flexible meetings and creating additional Focus Time. Clockwise helps organizations achieve ambitious goals by creating time for important work and preventing employee burnout. Over 15,000 organizations run on Clockwise, including Twitter, Atlassian, Uber, and Asana.

Still deciding which to go with? Let's take a closer look at what sets Clockwise and Reclaim apart.

Before and after focus time

Time blocking vs. Time Orchestration

For people who find it inconvenient to manually add tasks to your calendar, Reclaim.ai could be a good solution. It integrates with popular task management apps to make blocking time on your calendar easy. 

Clockwise also makes it simple to add tasks to your calendar, but it’s even more focused on making sure people have enough Focus Time in the first place. Clockwise continuously optimizes your and your teammates' schedules, doing things that wouldn’t be possible manually. 

For example, Clockwise’s AI models run up to one million calendar permutations per team per day to create the best possible schedule for everyone.

Google Calendar integration

With Reclaim, you need to use the separate calendar on Reclaim.ai to make changes to your meetings. People on the review site G2 complain that using their calendar adds another task to their todo list.

Rather than forcing people to use a new calendar, Clockwise uses browser extensions to overlay  features on top of Google Calendar.  Clockwise’s extensions brings Clockwise’s powerful features to the calendar experience they already know and love.

+200k users

Active users of the Clockwise Chrome Extention

By the numbers


additional hours of Focus Time created to get deep work done


meeting conflicts resolved to make time for what matters

Security offerings & Enterprise readiness

Reclaim's security is missing many of the certifications that security-oriented organizations expect.

Reclaim recently completed their SOC2 type 1 certification, but doesn't provide visibility into their GDPR, CCPA and SCC compliance.

The startup has no public case studies of organizations that use Reclaim. Additionally, there's no mention of SCIM or other ways organizations can manage user roles and permissions.

Clockwise works closely with the security teams at leading organizations to meet and exceed their security and privacy requirements.

Clockwise first received SOC2 Type 1 certification in May 2020. In addition to GDPR, CCPA and SCC compliance, Clockwise offers configurable processing options to limit data access.

Clockwise's SCIM and advanced billing features make it convenient for IT professionals to automatically provision and deprovision accounts and limit use to specific departments.

Clockwise and Reclaim.ai feature comparison

Team time optimization
Automatic Focus Time
Flexible meetings
Browser extensions
Scheduling Links
No-meeting day support
Task time blocking
Personal calendar sync
Smart meeting breaks
SCIM user provisioning
Admin controls & user roles
Configurable processing options
Contract SLAs
Price (50 pro users, billed annually)
monthly per user
monthly per user

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