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Introducing Clockwise for Microsoft

Introducing Clockwise for Microsoft

Kacy Boone
Head of Growth Marketing
November 14, 2023
Updated on:
April 1, 2024

Introducing Clockwise for Microsoft
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For the past seven years, Clockwise has been helping tens of thousands of organizations take the work out of calendar management and create more time for what matters most. Leading companies like Atlassian, Asana, and Intercom have come to rely on Clockwise to make time work better for their teams.

But, until now, Clockwise has only been available to organizations who use Google Calendar. 

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Clockwise for Microsoft. 

With the power of AI (and a bit of calendaring magic), Clockwise can now help teams using Outlook better coordinate calendars, schedule meetings at the best possible time, and create extended blocks of time for deep, productive work. 

Here’s how Clockwise can help teams using Outlook:

Take the work out of calendar management with flexible meetings

Clockwise prevents interruptions and proactively resolves meeting conflicts, automatically streamlining your schedule as your week evolves. This added flexibility allows Clockwise to magically improve schedules across the team with better visibility into ‘busy’ and ‘free’ times.

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Find the ideal time to meet with folks on your team or external attendees

Scheduling meetings amidst a sea of ‘busy’ blocks can be rough. Clockwise will analyze attendee calendars on your behalf, making scheduling a meeting both simpler and respectful of everyone’s preferences. Plus, with Scheduling Links, folks outside of your company can book the best time for you—without the back and forth.

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Reserve time to focus and take care of yourself:

Clockwise creates and protects uninterrupted time on your calendar, what we call Focus Time, by continuously optimizing your schedule. Plus, Clockwise allows you to make time for the small, but important stuff — like eating lunch and taking breaks between back-to-back meetings.

To get started using Clockwise for Microsoft, sign up for free here.

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Kacy Boone

Kacy is the Head of Growth Marketing at Clockwise—focused on bringing the power of AI to more workers across the globe.

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