Add a Zoom Meeting to your invites with one click

Add a Zoom Meeting to your invites with one click
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Introducing our new Zoom sync

We’re excited to announce that Clockwise now syncs with Zoom! When you schedule a new meeting with Clockwise, you can add a Zoom Meeting to that invite with one click.

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Setting up your Zoom sync

If you’re a Clockwise user:

  • Head to your Settings to connect your Clockwise and Zoom accounts
  • After connecting, add Zoom Meetings to your invites with one click
  • Access your Zoom Meeting link immediately from your invite

If you’re not a Clockwise user, head on over to the Chrome store to get started!

When you schedule meetings in Clockwise, it automatically suggests times that create the most Focus Time for you and your team. It’s an easy way to find less-disruptive meeting times, have less fragmented time in your day, and make fewer unnecessary decisions.

We also have a post on how to integrate Zoom with Google Calendar.

Happy Zooming!


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