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A Recap of our Fall Product Showcase Webinar

A Recap of our Fall Product Showcase Webinar

Emily Powell
Head of Product Marketing
October 25, 2022
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A Recap of our Fall Product Showcase Webinar
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We recently shared the latest features releases and upcoming product roadmap for Clockwise in our Fall Product Showcase. Watch the full webinar recording below or read on for a summary of what we shared.

Time Orchestration: Harmonizing everyone’s schedule

Here at Clockwise, our mission is to make time for what matters. And we do this by creating time — time to focus, time to get more done, time to spend not managing your calendar. 

As you might imagine, creating Focus Time is tough, because your calendar isn’t just yours. Time is incredibly hard for us to manage individually because it’s actually a shared resource of the organization we belong to. Your individual meetings and Focus Time fit into a network of interdependent calendars that create tons of dependencies, constraints, and ripple effects as they evolve.

Clockwise was founded on the core belief that in order to create schedules that work for every individual, you actually have to carefully optimize time across the whole organization — or we just end up in a constant uphill battle of our own calendars vs. our team's shared time.

And so the term “time orchestration” was born. Like a composer who arranges a beautiful, complex piece that an entire orchestra can perform together, a time orchestration platform creates order and harmony out of everyone's schedules. And, importantly, a great time orchestration platform does all of this for you - automatically managing your calendar, and your colleagues’ calendars - so that you can all spend your time and energy on the things that really matter.

The Latest: Recently launched features and improvements

Today, Clockwise enables you to mark meetings as flexible, and moves those meetings to resolve conflicts and maximize Focus Time for everyone. Tomorrow, we’ll protect that Focus Time from getting booked over, move your flexible holds in real time during the day, and help you identify people and teams in your organization who are extra high on meeting load and extra low on Focus Time. Check out our latest product enhancements...

[BRAND NEW!] Auto-decline: Many of you love that Clockwise creates holds on your calendar for priorities, but we’ve heard your feedback that it’s easy for others to interrupt those plans. Now, you can tell Clockwise to automatically decline meetings that come in over Focus Time or lunch. It’s perfect for defending that last block of Focus Time before the weekend hits.

Auto-decline Focus Time

Finer controls for flexible events: Day-of-week control on flexible meetings. Select which days the meeting could move to when you’re editing the event. 

Finer controls for flexible events

Flexible holds move in real-time: Mark holds as as flexible and when your calendar changes and conflicts pop up, we move these holds immediately (not just once a day), so your calendar reacts as your day evolves.

Flexible holds move in real-time

Smarter meeting breaks: When your calendar starts to fill up with meetings, we will use your preferences to automatically build in breaks throughout the day.

Automatic meeting breaks

Group scheduling via Links: Easily schedule many-to-one meetings with multiple members from your organization and an external invitee.

Clockwise Links now supports group scheduling

Links Chrome extension: Access your Clockwise Links via the Clockwise extension toolbar, so you can quickly copy and paste meeting links into email, chat, anywhere!

Easily access Clockwise Links via the Chrome extension

Links custom questions: Specify a set of required questions for a booker to fill out when using a scheduling link. 

Custom questions for Clockwise Links

Roadmap: What’s to come from Clockwise

There’s a lot to come from Clockwise both in the near and long term. Below we are excited to share just a few of our roadmap items that are coming soon! If you are curious to know more about our extended roadmap, reach out and we’d be happy to chat. 

  • Calendar and meeting culture analytics: Export a CSV of organization and team-level calendar data to help you track and make progress on organization-level goals around time management.
  • Calendar crawling blocklist: Tell Clockwise not to read highly sensitive calendar data (i.e. company leadership, legal).
  • SOC 2 Type II audit: Clockwise first received SOC2 Type I certification in 2020 and renewed that certification in 2021. We are also GDPR, SCC, and CCPA compliant. And we are now in the process of receiving our SOC 2 Type II audit by the end of 2022.

We are so excited for what’s to come from Clockwise on our mission to make time for what matters. Keep an eye out for our upcoming features and product improvements, and let us know if there is anything you’d like to see!

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