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In a much-discussed 2019 Twitter thread, Shekhar Kirani described the qualities of “10x Engineers,” AKA Engineers who are ten times more productive than the average Engineer. “10x Engineers hate meetings,” Kirani said. “They think it is a waste of time and obvious things are being discussed.”

To that I say: #notallmeetings. While scheduling and attending a certain number of meetings might be mandatory, scheduling them manually no longer is. Clockwise is a free meeting scheduler built for Software Engineering teams.

When you click “Schedule Meeting” in Clockwise, we’ll suggest the best times to meet without any painful back-and-forth.

Finding the best time to meet

Rather than guessing with incomplete information, Clockwise calculates the best meeting options for you based on more than ten different factors.

When suggesting optimal meeting times, Clockwise considers the meeting hour preferences, no meeting days, lunch events, and whether attendees prefer a break between consecutive meetings. The “best time” option is based on those factors plus the time that maximizes the number of blocks of Focus Time on your calendar (and your team’s calendars).

Research shows that Focus Time is associated with higher revenues and getting more done, faster. Plus, Clockwise integrates with Zoom so you can add a Zoom call to any meeting with one click:

Clockwise Scheduler

When scheduling a meeting with Clockwise, you can also choose the “soonest” option if you need to meet urgently.

Resolving conflicts

We can’t tell you whether Mr. Robot or Silicon Valley is the better show. But, we can resolve your meeting conflicts for you automatically. Imagine never having to shuffle meetings. Instead, you wake up and your calendar is un-doublebooked automatically. Even better, the meetings are all moved to their ideal spots on everyone’s calendar.

With Clockwise, you never have to play calendar Tetris again.

We know that scheduling and rescheduling meetings involves three things we like to avoid at all costs: It’s boring, takes time, and requires interacting with people. That’s why we automated it!

To schedule your next meeting with the Clockwise, click the “Schedule Meeting” button from the Clockwise sidebar on your work calendar. Click here if you’re not yet a Clockwise user to get started for free.

Then, add attendees by typing the email addresses (internal or external) of the people you would like to meet with where it says “Add Attendees.”

You’ll see the "Best Time" and the first available time to meet. You can see more times under "View more available times."

Clockwise will tell you how much Focus Time each meeting will cost at each available time, so you know why certain times are better than others at a glance.

Note: By default, meetings scheduled with "Find the Best Time" are on Autopilot, and might move around within the day to open up more Focus Time.

Click your preferred time and add your meeting details. Then,click "Schedule," and your meeting’s set.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at support@getclockwise.com.

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