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Simplify external scheduling with group links

Simplify external scheduling with group links

Chuma Kabaghe
Software Engineer
September 26, 2022
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Simplify external scheduling with group links
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If you've ever tried to schedule a group meeting with people outside your company, you know it can be a huge pain. You have to gather everyone's availability, try to find a time that works, and then hope that the person you're trying to meet with doesn't have a scheduling conflict. And after all that, it's possible a time you communicate no longer works by the time it gets on the calendar. It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out!

This is why we are so excited to announce group scheduling via Clockwise Links. 

With group scheduling, you can easily schedule meetings with an external invitee and multiple members of your team. Clockwise aggregates your team members' availability and will only show your invitee times when everyone on your team is available. Once the invitee selects a time, Clockwise will send a calendar invite to everyone. So no more back-and-forth emailing or playing phone tag — just send your group link and voilà, meeting scheduled!

Engineering, Product, and Design: Simplify user feedback scheduling

Get valuable user insights by enabling external volunteers to easily grab a time that works for them and multiple attendees from your engineering, product, and design teams.

Support and Engineering: Make time for important conversations

Pressing technical challenge with a client? Get important stakeholders on the line with your customer ASAP using your group scheduling link.

Sales: Make it easy for prospects to schedule with you

Make a great first impression with a smooth scheduling experience that says: good things ahead. Your Clockwise Group Link balances your team’s availability, while giving prospects an easy way to book a call.  

Recruiting: Find time for candidates

An enjoyable interview process starts with a better scheduling experience. Need to get a group together for a panel interview? No problem. Share your Clockwise Group Link with candidates to help them find the time that works best for everyone.

And these are just a few of the use cases where Clockwise Group Links make scheduling easier! Create your link today in the Scheduling Links Dashboard.

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Chuma Kabaghe

Chuma Kabaghe is a Backend Engineer at Clockwise

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