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3 Reasons to Start Using Scheduling Links Right Now

3 Reasons to Start Using Scheduling Links Right Now

July 26, 2023

3 Reasons to Start Using Scheduling Links Right Now
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Scheduling links provide an easy and hassle-free way to schedule and book meeting times with ease. So it’s no surprise that the average professional uses scheduling links 7.1 times per week. And if you think scheduling software is only for executives or busy salespeople, think again. 

If your job requires you to hop on Google Meet or Zoom links regularly, it’s time to eliminate the exhaustion tied to finding a time to meet. No matter your position or title, a scheduling link helps you improve your workflow, leverages automation, and eliminates the hassle of scheduling meetings. We’ll show you how!


What is a scheduling link?

A scheduling link is a custom URL allowing you to share your availability instantly with others. It eliminates the back-and-forth coordination of finding a meeting time. No more Slack messages and lengthy email threads to respond to in a game of calendar Tetris. 

Meeting links connect to your calendar app (whether you use Google Calendar or something else) so they can understand and present your availability to invitees. Once you share your scheduling link with an invitee, they can click the link and view your scheduling page to see your real-time availability and select a time slot that works best for them. 

With a traditional scheduling link, an invitee may see your availability and book a meeting with you on a day when you have meetings back-to-back and no time for lunch or deep work. With Clockwise Links, you don’t lose control over your calendar as Clockwise uses a little bit of magic before surfacing the best times to meet. (More on that later!)

If you’re still on the fence about how a scheduling link might benefit you, here are three reasons you should set one up right away. 

1. Improves your workflow

We love efficient workflows around here. And let’s face it: coordinating meeting times that work well for everyone is one of those tedious tasks that drive us crazy. But there’s a quick fix to help you relieve frustration, address communication issues, and stop wasting time.

Scheduling links are essentially automated workflows. Let’s take a quick look at the manual workflow of scheduling a meeting without a tool:

  • Determine that a meeting needs to occur 
  • Create a list of attendees (and a meeting agenda
  • Coordinate time zones across invitees
  • If internal, check calendars and try to find an open time for everyone
  • If external, ask invitees when they are free to meet 
  • Create a calendar invite, add video conferencing information and other details
  • Send the meeting invite 
  • Get a last-minute Slack message that one invitee now has a meeting conflict and you need to reschedule 
  • Send Slack messages back and forth to try and find a new time

Okay, you get the point. But with a powerful scheduling tool like Clockwise, team members can easily send scheduling requests internally and externally for a workflow that looks more like this:

  • Determine that a meeting needs to occur 
  • Create a list of attendees (and a meeting agenda) 
  • Send your scheduling link, and let Clockwise do the rest!

Schedule meetings in a click

2. Leverages automation 

The secret to creating more time in your day? Automating tasks as much as you can so you can stop spending time on run-of-the-mill tasks that are soaking up your brain power. When you leverage automation, you might find more time for deep work or even be able to wrap up work early and hit the gym or spend time with loved ones.

There are many benefits to automating tasks at work, including streamlining your day, reducing human error (or, in this case, offering a meeting time only to realize the time slot is no longer open once the meeting invitee responds), preventing burnout, and boosting productivity. When you connect a time orchestration platform like Clockwise to Google Calendar and input your preferences, you’ll experience stress-free scheduling and meeting times that fall within your calendar preferences (like maximizing Focus Time or avoiding your no-meeting day). 

Our users agree that a little bit of automation with Clockwise goes a long way:

Customers love Clockwise scheduling links

3. Eliminates the hassle of scheduling meetings 

Clockwise Links is a smarter way to automate meeting scheduling. With a lot of AI and a little magic, you can send your link to others without fearing that your calendar will spiral into meeting madness. Because not only is the process automated, but Clockwise is extra thoughtful and considers over ten factors when surfacing times to invitees. These factors include Focus Time, no meeting days, lunch, travel, consecutive meetings, preferred meeting hours, and more.

So you don’t have to sit at your desk and strategically think about which time slots to offer to invitees. Or worry about double-booking your colleagues. And you don’t have to skip your lunch, either.

Schedule meetings for the best time

You can also create different types of scheduling links to serve specific purposes. For example, you might create a link for quick, 30-minute internal meetings and one for 15-minute product demos with prospective clients. 

Meetings in Google Calendar

Clockwise also offers group scheduling which aggregates your team members’ availability and only displays meeting times that work well for the whole group. Coordinating demos, sales calls, meeting with clients, and updates with external vendors have never been easier.

Schedule meetings with your team

And to make your workday even easier, you can embed your scheduling link into your signature, website, or other places in which you want to offer a way for people to book meetings with you. 

Link to your calendar

Going forward

There’s no time like the present to start using scheduling links if you aren’t already. Scheduling links are for working professionals of all titles and industries. They’re easy to use and will help you improve your workflows, leverage the power of automation, and eliminate the hassle of scheduling meetings. Beyond a booking page, Clockwise is an intelligent scheduling assistant that helps users find more Focus Time, schedule meetings, and puts schedules on autopilot. Try Clockwise for free today!

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