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6 great free Zoom Chrome Extensions for Zoom productivity

6 great free Zoom Chrome Extensions for Zoom productivity

Judy Tsuei
April 8, 2022
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6 great free Zoom Chrome Extensions for Zoom productivity
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The little square boxes of Zoom have become a familiar part of everyone’s workday in the past few years. From one-on-one meetings to team-wide and even company-wide meetings, Zoom’s lean software requirements and user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever to collaborate remotely. If you’re looking to increase your Zoom productivity, we’ve got just the thing. We’ve put together a list of 6 Chrome extensions for Zoom that will make the time you spend in meetings that much better. 

Google Chrome extensions are an easy way to get increased functionality with a single click. All of these plugins are available in the Chrome Web Store, and they are all free. If you’re a Firefox user, don’t worry – most of these extensions have an equivalent on Firefox. 

Read on to discover the 6 best Zoom Chrome extensions to increase Zoom productivity. 

1. Zoom Scheduler 

Zoom Scheduler for Google Calendar is probably the single most useful Google Chrome extension for Zoom meetings we’ve come across. This simple extension by Zoom allows you to schedule Zoom meetings directly in Google Calendar with a single click. 

When you make a new event on Google Calendar, you’ll now see a new option to add a Zoom link directly to the meeting itself, just as easily as adding Google Meet links to events. 

Anytime you can achieve something without opening a separate app is a productivity win in our book. With Zoom Scheduler, participants don’t have to search for the Zoom link to any meeting – it’s right there on the calendar invite, including all joining instructions and passwords needed to access the meeting. 

2. Zoom Closer

Sometimes taking care of the little annoyances in your day makes the biggest difference. One of the more bothersome features of Zoom are the “post-meeting” and “open the app” tabs on Chrome that Zoom keeps open.  

You probably already have too many tabs open, so why add more? Closing a tab or two only takes a few seconds, but those few seconds add up. Not to mention that neglecting to close tabs can seriously slow down your computer. 

Zoom Closer’s only raison d'être is to close the pesky tabs that Zoom leaves open on your browser. It’s really that simple. We definitely hope that Zoom does away with these annoying tabs in the future, but in the meantime we’re happy there’s a workaround.

You’ll be surprised by how much of an improvement this small add-on will make to your work day. Your computer’s RAM will thank you, too! 

3. Always Show "Join From Web" 

This handy little extension makes joining meetings easier. Zoom loves to hide the option of joining a meeting directly from your web browser, because they want you to open and use the Zoom app instead. 

Sometimes, you just want to have everything open on your browser instead. Joining from your Google Chrome browser streamlines your day, especially if you work primarily out of your browser. 

And if you have a shared computer, or multiple Zoom accounts on one computer, then joining from the web is the easiest way to ensure you’re joining a meeting with the correct account. 

4. Zoom History 

There’s nothing worse than the feeling when you’re waiting for ten minutes for a Zoom meeting to start, only to realize that you clicked the wrong link. 

Zoom History automatically saves all of the Zoom links to meetings you attended, so you don’t have to open a million emails just to find one Zoom link. This extension also allows you to rename links, so you know exactly what meeting the link is for. 

These features are a godsend for recurring meetings, as well as multi-day webinars. One of the best ways to increase productivity is decreasing the unnecessary mental load of remembering things, and this Chrome extension definitely does that. 

5. Tactiq

Tactiq is a great way to automatically transcribe your Zoom meetings and save those transcriptions securely. 

With Tactiq, you can transcribe your meetings, highlight important action items, and save the chat. It’s a fast and easy way to turn meetings into actionable items. It also helps you be more present during important brainstorming meetings, since you don’t have to worry about splitting your attention by taking notes. This kind of extension works best for one-on-one meetings, since a large amount of crosstalk decreases the accuracy of automatic transcriptions, so keep that in mind. 

6. Clockwise 

Clockwise is the automatic meeting scheduler that carves out more time in your day. Clockwise reworks your workday, so you can be more focused and productive, every single day.

With Flexible Meetings, Clockwise automatically moves your meetings so that you and your team can enjoy more uninterrupted Focus Time. Clockwise integrates seamlessly with your team’s calendars to find the best times to meet, as well as taking into account each team member’s Focus Time when scheduling. 

Instead of micro-managing your calendar and sending out multiple scheduling emails, Clockwise adjusts meetings to find the best time for everyone, so you can spend more time getting things done. 

Get started with Clockwise for free. 

Going forward

Zoom is a great piece of software that has played an integral role in our ability to work remotely. As much as we love Zoom, it doesn’t take away the frustrations of attending multiple meetings a day. 

Hopefully these six Chrome extensions for Zoom will help make your Zoom experience more efficient and productive. 

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