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Company overview

Lattice is a people management software platform trusted by over 1,500 organizations, headquartered in San Francisco.

Meet Eric

Co-founder and CTO Eric Koslow uses Clockwise to better manage his time. Eric is responsible for engineering, product, and design and has three direct reports, with 1:1s across the company.

Why Clockwise

Like many CTOs, Eric is keenly aware of the importance of Focus Time, especially for Engineering. While the need is obvious among individual contributors, Eric also found himself yearning for time for heads-down work. Despite his place in the C-Suite, Eric is still able to play in the code. But his many 1:1s made that difficult.

“I do tons of one-on-ones,” Eric said. “I mean that's why we’re using Clockwise. A ton of my time was being spent there. As a programmer, you know about getting into the flow. And then having a bunch of 30-minute little blocks between meetings is the worst for trying to focus. We got the value as soon as we heard of Clockwise.”

The Clockwise solution

“My time is a very finite resource right now,” Eric said. “I am doing something close to six hours of meetings every day and that means I really really want the time I have outside of meetings to be as high-productivity as possible.”

Eric uses Autopilot to move meetings to free up Focus Time and resolve conflicts. Putting all but two of his 1:1s on Autopilot has enabled Eric to them all without sacrificing Focus Time.

“Those meetings are very easy to move around,” Eric said. “They’re gonna need to happen that week, but they don't need to happen at any one time and it was very nice for Clockwise to free up my Focus Time.”

“We got the value as soon as we heard of Clockwise.”
- Eric Koslow

Life after Clockwise

The Clockwise Scheduler and Rescheduler save Eric time and energy since Clockwise automatically chooses the optimal time to meet. “I just pop up the scheduler and it tells me whether we can have a meeting or have to stay late after work is pretty much how it goes,” Eric said.

Eric loves that he’s no longer constantly interrupted by tons of 30-minute meetings that just need to happen. And he loves that Autopilot runs in the background and just reports out via email without any effort.

Lattice has been able to get more done with the extra Focus Time.

“I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything without having a couple of hours set aside, maybe answer a couple emails,” Eric said. “But I wouldn't be able to pull off any projects or have any time for writing essays on things like how we should be running the company.”

Eric would recommend Clockwise to Founders, executives, and managers who need to keep in touch with the team on a regular cadence. “Every time like a new manager joins my team, Clockwise is one of the first things I recommend,” Eric said. “My managers were complaining that they didn't have any time to get stuff done. When they showed me their calendars I said, ‘You don't have time to get sh*t done because you have all this fragmented time. If you just scheduled yourself better you would be much much more productive. Well, when they start scheduling their meetings on Autopilot then it just like naturally gets in their time back. That’s why I encourage them to use Clockwise. I’m at a 9-10 on Clockwise. Definitely a promoter.”